Installing Matlab 2008b Student on Mac Snow Leopard 10.6.6

When installing Matlab 2008b Student Version on Mac OSX 10.6.6, I got an exception error that said something like:

Cant load library: /Applications/

It turns out that Matlab 2008b is 32 bit, but the installer was running as 64 bit because of the Java preferences. Installation worked after I followed notes from this Matlab Central post.

Using the Java Preferences application (in /Applications/Utilities) go to the General tab, and at the bottom, under Java Applications, drag to reorder “Java SE 6 32-bit” to come before “Java SE 6 64-bit”. I only needed to do this while I was trying to run the activation program that is required before Matlab will run; after that you can reset the Java preferences to their original values.


Installing lme4a in R (on Mac OSX, 10.6.4)

Douglas Bates has draft chapters out for a new book lme4: Mixed-effects Modeling with R up and I was trying to play with the development version lme4a. See this post for a note on how lme4a differs from lme4. It currently cannot be installed automatically using a command like

install.packages("lme4a", repos="")

and I installed it via svn checkout following these posts. It requires the latest version of R (2.12.0), as well as at least Rcpp (from R-forge, via svn checkout; I obtained Rcpp today), and RcppArmadillo, and the packages minqa and MatrixModels, available from CRAN respositories. (RcppArmadillo is also available from CRAN respositories, but I went ahead and installed it from the Rcpp SVN repository).

Here are the steps I followed (on Mac OSX, 10.6.4)

  1. I downloaded and installed the most recent Mac binary for R, R 2.12.0.
  2. I updated all my packages in R using update.packages()
  3. I installed some dependencies for lme4a in R:
    install.packages(c("minqa", "MatrixModels"))
  4. I obtained Rcpp/RcppArmadillo and lme4 repositories via svn checkout and installed Rcpp and lme4a (all commands entered in Terminal)
    cd [your R sources directory]
    svn checkout svn://
    svn checkout svn://
    cd rcpp/pkg
    sudo R CMD INSTALL Rcpp # without sudo, I couldn't get permission to access a necessary directory
    sudo R CMD INSTALL RcppArmadillo
    cd ../..
    cd lme4/pkg
    sudo R CMD INSTALL lme4a